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1992 prelude SI 2 DOOR 5MT A/C HOSES - PIPES diagram
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rubber, condenser mountplug, fusible (sak)o-ring (5/8")o-ring (5/8")o-ring (5/8")o-ring (5/8")label, air conditioner cautionhose, suction (nichirin)hose, discharge (nichirin)hose, discharge (nichirin)hose, discharge (nichirin)hose, discharge (nichirin)pipe, suctionpipe, dischargepipe, discharge (parker)pipe, dischargepipe, discharge (parker)pipe, condenserreceiverbracket, suction pipeclamp b, suction pipestay, air conditioner hoseclamp b, discharge pipebracket, air conditioner hoseclamp b, receiver pipeclamp, air conditioner pipe (8mm)switch, air conditioning (dual) (fuji)screw-washer (5x25)o-ring (6.8x1.5)o-ring (6.8x1.5)o-ring (6.8x1.5)o-ring (6.8x1.5)o-ring (6.8x1.5)o-ring (1/2")o-ring (1/2")o-ring (1/2") (parker)o-ring (1/2") (parker)o-ring (1/2")o-ring (1/2")o-ring (1/2") (parker)o-ring (1/2") (parker)o-ring (1/2")cap, valve (sak)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)screw, tapping (6x16)nut, flange (6mm)nut, flange (6mm)nut, flange (6mm)bolt, flange (6x25)bolt, flange (8x30)
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