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2006 civic DX 2 DOOR 5MT COUNTERSHAFT (1.8L) diagram
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countershaftgear set, lowgear, countershaft lowgear set, secondgear, countershaft fifthgear, countershaft thirdgear, countershaft fourthcollar, distance (39x44.5x25.4)collar, distance (39x44.5x26.5)collar, distance (36x43x30)shim a (32mm) (1.56)shim b (32mm) (1.60)shim c (32mm) (1.64)shim d (32mm) (1.68)shim e (32mm) (1.72)shim f (32mm) (1.76)shim g (32mm) (1.80)shim h (32mm) (1.84)shim j (32mm) (1.88)shim k (32mm) (1.92)shim l (32mm) (1.96)shim m (32mm) (2.00)shim n (32mm) (2.04)shim p (32mm) (2.08)shim q (32mm) (2.12)shim r (32mm) (2.16)shim s (32mm) (2.20)shim t (32mm) (2.24)shim u (32mm) (2.28)shim v (32mm) (2.32)bolt, special (16x25) (left hand thread)ring, snap (69mm)bearing, ball (26x69x22.5)bearing, needle (44.5x48.5x21.5) (nsk)bearing, needle (44.5x48.5x21.5) (nsk)damper, friction (low)damper, friction (second)
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