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2006 civic SI(NAV) 2 DOOR 6MT MAINSHAFT (2.0L) diagram
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mainshaftshaft, reverse geargear set, thirdgear, mainshaft fourthgear, reverse idlegear, mainshaft fifthgear, mainshaft sixthgear, mainshaft sixthsleeve set, synchronizer (5-6)collar, distance (32x39x52)collar, distance (28x35x24)washer, spring (28mm)washer (28mm)washer, drain plug (10mm)bearing, ball (28x72x18)bearing, needle (39x44x24)bearing, needle (39x44x24)bearing, needle (39x44x24)bearing, needle (35x40x24)bolt, flange (10x50)gear set, mainshaft sixth
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