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2014 pilot TOURIN(4WD) 5 DOOR 5AT OUTER PANEL - ROOF PANEL diagram
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panel, r. side sillpanel set, r. fr. (outer)panel set, r. rr. (outer) (dot)panel, l. side sillpanel set, l. fr. (outer)panel set, l. rr. (outer) (dot)panel, roof (sunroof)rail, rr. roofbracket, map lamparch d, roofstiffener set, r. fr. pillarstiffener set, r. center pillarreinforcement, r. side sillseparator, r. center pillar (inside)gutter, r. rr. pillarstiffener set, l. fr. pillarstiffener set, l. center pillarreinforcement, l. side sillseparator, l. center pillar (inside)gutter, l. rr. pillarcable, fuel lid openeradapter assy., fuel fillerlid, fuel fillergrommet, fuel capopener assy., fuel *nh167l*outlet assy., rr. airoutlet assy., rr. airbolt, flange (6x16) (guide)nut-washer (6mm)clip, fuel lid openerclip, trunk opener cableplaster, wire harness (50x100)bolt-washer (6x16)screw, tapping (5x14)separator, fr. pillar (upper) (outer)separator, fr. pillar (lower/outer)separator, center pillar (lower) (outer)separator, fr. center pillar (lower) (outer)
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